Data Management

Data is the fuel that powers the engine of digital marketing.

Many organizations struggle with maintaining quality data that is necessary to deliver personalized and relevant marketing communications to their prospects and customers. We partner with you to develop a data management strategy that is right for you.

We analyze the sources of your data and develop a framework to optimize and utilize your data to more effectively and efficiently target your prospects and customers.  Our goal is to integrate and analyze multiple data sources for trends and relevant data attributes that allow us to develop a profile of your best prospects.

Data Management today goes well beyond verifying your data is accurate, complete and free of duplicates.  We can take advantage of the explosion in data services that allow us to enrich your data by augmenting the data with demographic and financial information, email addresses and titles, and social media information.

Once the Data Management work is done and a workflow and process is in place to ensure that your data quality is maintained, the important work of creating relevant and personalized communications begins.  Our marketing platform makes it easy to develop highly relevant communications that delivers the right message to your target audience via the most appropriate channel to drive brand awareness, engagement, and loyalty.

5 Barriers to Data Management Sucess

Why Clarity?

Our platform allows you to easily and efficiently scale your data management efforts across multiple channels like email, social, and direct mail which is so important to driving engagement.  Utilizing the platform allows you to measure the relative effectiveness of each channel for your campaigns and makes it easy to manage your resources across channels.

Our platform seamlessly integrates with most CRM systems and provides access to a single marketing database that allows you to track all of your marketing activities in a single dashboard.

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