Website SEO

SEO is a set of best practices for your website, landing pages, and digital information that ensure that your content is found by people searching for your products and services.

Google now processes 3.5 Billion searches per day.  These as 3.5 Billion opportunities to get found.  SEO best practices boil down to having a very clear understanding of how prospects search for and find companies like yours on the Internet.

We help our clients determine how their prospects conduct Google searches.  We help identify key words, phrases, and questions prospects ask when looking for solution providers.  Once you know how your prospects research and what keywords and phrases they use, the next step is making sure that these keywords and phrases are the focus of your web pages and provide valuable information and insights in response to these searches.

We leverage sophisticated software to determine how well your web pages and content score on a SEO relevance scale and help you make the adjustments necessary to make sure your content is found more often.

Why Clarity?

Our approach to Website SEO is focused on generating more leads for your company.  We work with our clients to understand their current approach to SEO and digital marketing and document the current strategy and results.

We conduct brainstorming sessions to attempt to augment the possible search terms a potential customer would use to find a company like yours.  We help identify common mistakes and oversights that are made that limit many companies’ SEO efforts.

We leverage Google tools and other sophisticated software programs to determine how your web pages score on a relative scale for particular Google searches.

Once we quantify how your website and landing pages are performing, we can begin to implement the changes necessary to make sure your pages get seen – and we can measure our progress over time.

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