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Direct Mail remains a highly effective marketing channel

In a world where marketers are increasing their use of digital marketing tactics, direct mail is still relevant and can be incredibly effective when executed correctly. In fact, direct mail response rates are at their highest levels in years, due in part to a general decrease in overall direct mail utilization. As your competitors abandon the mail box, they are creating a vacuum that you can use to your advantage.

The key to effective marketing – and direct mail in particular – is to make it relevant. Advances in digital printing allow marketers to match text, images and more to specific database attributes – making your marketing exponentially more effective than traditional generic direct mail.

We make it easy to plan and execute successful direct mail programs to work in tandem with all of your other marketing efforts. We handle everything from obtaining lists, to design and printing, to making sure your message gets in the mail on time.

We have worked with hundreds of marketers over the years and can help you apply best practices to all your direct marketing efforts. We know what drives the highest response rates and can help you incorporate the most effective strategies and tactics into your next campaign.

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