Marketing Automation Implementation

Manage, execute, and measure all your marketing efforts from a single platform.

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation is a collection of software tools that allow you to manage, execute and track all your marketing efforts in one place.  In today’s world of mass marketing messages, you need to leverage data to deliver relevant and personalized communications to your prospects and customers at the appropriate stage of the buying cycle.

Marketing Automation allows you to easily collect data on how your prospects and customers interact with your brand – how often they visit your website and which pages they visit, which emails they open and which links they click, which Social media posts they like and share – and use that information to generate more leads for your business.

Marketing Automation enables organizations to generate more leads while utilizing fewer resources which delivers exceptional returns on your marketing investments.

Top 5 Benefits of Marketing Automation
  • Centralized Marketing Platform – Manage all marketing activities and email delivery with one system
  • Convert more website visitors to Leads – Forms and Landing Pages allow you to use content (blogs, white papers, case studies) to convert anonymous website visitors to qualified, sales-ready leads.
  • Efficient Automation and Execution of Lead Nurturing Campaigns – Design and Execute complex lead nurturing campaigns in hours – not weeks.
  • Lead Scoring – Easily quantify the quality of a lead based on their profile, their digital behavior (have they visited the pricing page?, have they opened an email?, etc.) and offline behavior as well.
  • Attribution and ROI Calculation – With all of your data in one system, it is finally possible to measure the impact of your marketing efforts on your revenue.

Why Clarity?

As we have evolved as a company, we have experienced first-hand the benefits of using Marketing Automation and have become a marketing automation specialist.

We work with you to assess your current state of marketing and help you develop a strategy that will deliver results for your organization. We help you document how success will be defined and measured and provide best practices that work for other organizations just like you. We provide the technical expertise you need to implement a solution quickly and can support your team in a variety of ways.

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